Leveling-up Methods

Learn more about the different ways to let players level up and the elements of progress you can use.

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Create a program that motivates your players to excel and raise their level of engagement like spending more time on your platform or become more active. You can tier your players based on their actions on your platform. By default,

Gameball offers one level, which is the first level and starts with zero points. This level cannot be deleted, however, you can edit it. All new players are automatically added to this level.

When a player level up to higher tiers, you could give them better advantages like fixed discounts, earn more points, etc.

How to Choose a Leveling up Method?

Watch this video to learn about how to choose a leveling up method:

There are five approaches you can use to allow your players to progress and level up. The following is a detailed elaboration on every approach:

Amount Spent

No matter what plan you are on, you can always choose to let players level up solely based on how much they spend buying products on your platform. The more a player spends, the faster they level up.

To configure a levels program using Amount Spent, all you need to do is to create a name and an icon for every level, then choose a minimum amount a player has to spend to reach every level.

Points Earned

If you are on the Starter/Growth, Pro, or Guru plan, you can let players see their progress only through points. Points will be the only variable that reflects all achievements completed by a player. The more engaged and active your players are on your platform, the more points they gain and hence, the faster they level up.

Points will also have a different job other than players' status. Players will be able to transfer the earned points into their equivalent currency according to your configurations. They can also transform the points to get free items, free shipping, discount coupons, and more. Read about Points Configuration.

❗️Note: Points can be manually added to some or all your players, these points will contribute to the leveling up process. Read more about how to manually add points.

Orders Completed

If you are on the Pro or Guru plan, you can choose to let your players progress and level up based on the number of completed orders, and regardless of any other variables such as the amount spent per each order or how many points they earn during this process. More order equals faster time to level up.

Friends Referred

If you are on the Pro or Guru plan, you can choose to let your players progress and level up based on the number of friends they refer, the more friends they refer and onboarded on your platform, the faster they will level up.

❗️Note: In order to configure levels program based on friends referred, you need to activate the Referral Program. Read more about launching referral program.


If you are on the Pro or Guru plan, you no longer have to depend on players' points or other methods to configure a level program, instead, you can configure a whole different equation by assigning score as a new variable responsible solely for players' status or levels.

Score will not only let players level up based on purchases, points, orders, or referrals only, you can reward your players with score every time they take actions that benefits your platform such as referring friends, reviewing a product, etc.

By adding Score as a new variable beside points. you will have two variables that can be assigned to two different roles. the following explains each role in detail:

Points: the main role for points would be to act as the monetary value that reflects the player's balance in your chosen currency. Based on your configuration, you can let players redeem these points in the form of discount coupons, free shipping, free products, and much more. The players are also able to convert these points in the form of cashback, Read more about the cashback program.

Score: Unlike points, score has no monetary value. Choose a mix of achievements a player has to complete to earn a score and level up. The score will act as a new balance that will reflect players' status or level. players can add up to their score by completing tasks that you pre-assigned score to. For example, you can assign score to challenges, referrals, etc.

To sum up, with score, you can make a mix between all the elements you want to intangibly reward your players for, excluding the monetary aspect that points impose.

What Happens to Players’ Tiers and Data When You Migrate to a Different Leveling up Method?

  • All players will keep their collected data/points.

  • Gameball will recalculate the levels of the customers based on the new chosen method from the beginning.

  • All players' data will be updated accordingly.

  • In the case of downgrading, and the current chosen method is not available in the new plan, the system will switch to “Amount Spent” and it will recalculate the levels of the players accordingly.

What Are the Leveling up Methods My Plan Supports?




Amount Spent


Orders Completed

Friends Referred


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