Transactions are your players' points transactions, through which they earn and redeem points. Transactions have two types: accumulation and deduction.


Accumulation itself has two types

  • Payment Rewards are earned by your players when they perform a payment action on your platform. 
  • Achievements Rewards are rewards earned to your players by your players for completing a challenge.


Deduction which itself has two types: Redemption which occurs when your players redeem some of their points into equivalent money value that can be used on your platform.

To access Gameplan Transactions. Go to your Gameball Admin Dashboard through  Players > Gameplan Transactions

On the Gameplan Transactions page, you can also access your total number of players' transactions, your total number of players' deductions, and your total number of players' accumulations. 

Extract Your Players' Transactions

Players' transactions are one of your greatest assets and indicators to understand more about your players' engagement behavior, especially when it comes to their points redemption and accumulation on your platform.

To extract these achievements and transactions,

  • Go to your "Players" Page on Gameball Admin Dashboard
  • Go to your "Points Transactions" Tab

Once you click on "Extract" in each corresponding tab, "Points Transactions" will be automatically downloaded in a CSV format.

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