While creating a challenge with type Based on Event(s) (see Gameball Challenges Library), you will use Gameball Events Engine which will allow you to define one or multiple events to be completed by your player to achieve the challenge. Also, the engine will allow you to add one or multiple rules per event.

Before continuing this article, read more about Player Events through Understand your players' events

How to create an event challenge?

On your Gameball dashboard, go to Programs > Challenges. On the top right of the challenges program page, click Create a New Challenge, select type Event-based, then click Next.

Event Creation Elements


This is per event not per each key inside event rules. The frequency to define how many time this action should be completed by the player to accomplish this challenge


The events list should be added by the user through the Events Settings of the Gameball dashboard, then while adding the challenge based on events, you will find all events listed.

Key Operator

For every chosen key in case of using event rule, you will find multiple operators based on the data type:

  • [String] Equals: the received data from the player for this key should equal to a specific value (not case sensitive)
  • [String] Different Values: This will allow you to configure the event to be completed in case Gameball received X number of different data of this key
    Example: User-defined key: Category to receive 3 different values, the player will complete this event if Gameball received Fashion, Electronics, and Accessories
  • [Numeric] Equals or Greater Than: The received number from the player for this key should be greater than or equals to a specific value.
  • [Numeric] Equals: the received data from the player for this key should equal to a specific value in numbers.
  • [Numeric] Accumulative total: the player should reach a predefined number in one or multiple events for this key and Gameball will store the received numbers till reaching the predefined number
  • [String] Includes: include will be triggered in case the key value contains the added rule value, the player's event should satisfy the included value. For example, if your rule is to reward players when they buy a certain type of product like "Summer shirts", "Summer accessories", you can just select all products that include the word “Christmas”

Event Time Limit

After defining the events of a challenge, you will be able to set a time limit for the events to happen within, the system will ignore old records based on that time limit.

Important note: Before starting using events, you must configure the events you will send on the Gameball dashboard, read this article for more information on how to configure events, Manage your players' events

Adding Multiple Events

You can add more than one event to the same challenge by clicking on Add New Event. before configuring the new event, you will have to decide the type of relation between the new event with the previous one.

There are two types of relations:

  • AND: If you select AND while configuring events, it means that the player must complete all configured events in order to complete the challenge.
  • OR: If you select OR, then the player must complete at least one event to win the challenge.

Note: The AND relation will be applied to any newly added events, which means that you can have for example 3 events, the first event will be always needed to complete the challenge, while new events can have AND/OR relation.

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