You can customize your guest messages by designing it according to your brand, choosing the right channel, schedule it to target your guests at the perfect time!

You can access Guest Messages on Gameball Admin Dashboard through Messages > Guest Messages

To create a New Guest Message

  • Click Add New Guest Message in the guest messages listing page
  • Follow the creation wizard

Message Basic Attributes

Basic Details

  • Message Title and Body: Get creative while writing your messages. It is one of your most effective resources to attract your visitors and convert them into signups!
  • Message Image: Get creative while choosing your images to attract your visitors. 

Message Configurations Attributes

Message Shape

It includes three options which are small toast, large toast, and popup.

Message Channel

What are the channels you want to use for your guest messages? You have two options:

  • In-app Notifications
  • Push Notifications

For in-app notifications, you have three options:

  • Web In-app Notifications
  • Mobile In-app Notifications
  • Wherever your player opens the app first

Message Time

Define a schedule through which your player should receive this message. Every message can have 2 options:

  • Immediately: It will be sent immediately after a guest lands on your platform.
  • Set Delay: It will be sent after the delay of a few seconds, depending on your configuration. So, your player opens the page, then your message is delayed then finally sent.

Frequency Settings

Define how many times your player should receive this message. Every message can have 3 options:

  • Unlimited: It will be sent for unlimited times, with no capping.
  • Limited: It will be sent based on a predefined capping that you will be asked to insert.
  • One-time: It will be sent only one time.

Activation Settings

Define when should this message be active. Every message can have 2 options:

  • Active: The challenge will be always active.
  • Inactive: The challenge will be always inactive until you make it active. This means you can configure this message and keep it active till you want to show it to your players.

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