As a quick guide, what are the needed steps to be followed to start using Gameball?


Integrate your website or mobile app with Gameball

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Before you start

Configure Player Profile Attributes: All players have attributes in your system that you can use to customize their experience. For instance, send all moms a greeting message on mother's day.

Configure Player Events: Events are actions performed by your players (customers) on your platform.
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Style your Gameball player profile

Gameball gives you the freedom to style your widget to match your website.
This includes tabs visibility, branding and look and feel, colors, supported languages, and much more.
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Create your Game Plan

Your Game Plan is the foundation of your players' experience, stay creative!
Start by creating Levels then creating Challenges. To add a more challenging experience, create Mission.

Levels indicate how engaged and loyal are your players (customers). The more they engage the higher their score and hence the faster they level up.

Challenges are the building blocks of the Game Plan. These are the things you want your players to do on your website or app and that you consider as important engagement actions. For example review products, invite friends, etc..

A Mission is a collection of challenges that need to be accomplished so that your player gets a bigger reward. Challenges within a mission can either be dependent or independent.
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Review Game Plan Notification Scripts

Notifications are important to keep your players engaged and informed with their progress. You can notify your players upon achieving challenges or missions or leveling up. You can also notify them when new challenges are unlocked for them.
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A loyalty program is what makes the experience more realistic and rewarding. Set your platform currency, redemption, and payback equations and define points expiry.
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Review Points Notification Scripts

Review and update notification scripts for accumulation, redemption, or expiry of points.
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Import Your Current Customers

Worry no more about customer migration from an old rewards system you were using?
With Gameball you can import your existing players to the dashboard. It doesn't stop here, you can grant them initial rewards too or add them to a specific level.

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Create Instant Messages 

Interactive and event-based messages are a powerful engagement tool. Create your messages for both guests and players. Define triggers, audience groups, and scheduling. Add popups, moment-based toast messages, and make your experience engaging!
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