Reward your customers with a score, points, or both based on a predefined equation for the amount they pay for their purchases. Players should only get these rewards after completing payment.

Reward your players based on the actual paid amounts on your platform, the more they place orders, the more they earn points and score. This will let you give your players a reward based on a predefined equation. For example:

  • For every 1 USD spent, reward the player with 1 point
  • For every 1 USD spent, reward the player with 1 point and 1 score

Launching Purchase Rewards

In order to launch the purchase rewards program on your website, you must do the following two steps:

  1. Activate the purchase rewards program
  2. Configure and customize the purchase rewards rules and equation

Open your Gameball dashboard then go to Programs > Purchase Rewards and click Configure.

Activate the Purchase Rewards Program

At the upper right section of the purchase reward program page, you will find the activation toggle. Make sure it is set to Active.

Once you activate the purchase reward program, your players will be able to win score and points for every paid order or purchase.

Configure the Purchase Rewards Program

Purchase rewards configuration and rules allow you to reward your players two different types of rewards:

  • Score: This reflects on player level. The more purchases your players make, the higher is their level. Players in high levels are your most loyal and frequent customers.
  • Points: These are used in redemption. Players can exchange points for discounts or free items on their next orders on your platform.

Now, let's configure your purchase rewards experience for your players. There are two simple ways to do that:

1. Setting Default Rewards for All Player

First, you must set default values for score and points for all players at all levels. Go to Programs > Purchase Rewards on your Gameball dashboard, click the edit icon under Reward Rules.

A small pop-up menu will appear where you will be asked to enter default values for purchase rewards. It is recommended that you reward your players with 1 score and 1 point for every 1 USD or unit currency spent on your platform. This makes it easier for your players or customers to relate to the points gained. However, you can configure how they use these points for redemption in Point Configuration.

2. Rewarding Players Based on Their Level

If you are on the Gameball Pro plan or higher, you can configure different purchase rewards per level for your players. For example, let's say you want to rewards players at your highest level double the rewards. In this case, you will click Configure New Rule under Programs > Purchase Rewards > Rewards Rules.

A pop-up will appear as shown below. In this example here, we are rewarding players in level 3 double the rewards. So, select level 3 and enter 2 score and 2 points for every 1 unit currency (USD) spent on your platform.

Note that you can only configure one level at a time.

Once you finish configuring a level, or in our example level 3, all players at this level will start getting rewarded double for their purchases.

Notifying Players

Once you finish customizing level rewards, a brief description will appear within your player widget under the configured level to let them know of the reimbursed rewards.


  • Even if Gameball payment rewards API is receiving payments for a player, the program must be enabled to reward your players with scores and points.
  • For Shopify stores, players only get rewards when the order payment status on Shopify is "Paid".

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