Referral marketing is basically encouraging your current customers to refer your business to other people they know, and in return, you reward them for every successful referral. Referral programs are a great way to build loyalty with your customers by asking people who trust you to ask others to trust them.

To understand how a referral program at Gameball work, follows the below flow as shown in the image.

Launching the Referral Program

In order to launch the Gameball referral program on your platform, you need to carry out a few steps:

  • Login to your Gameball dashboard then go to Programs > Referrals, then click Configure.
  • On the referrals page, click Configure New Rules.
  • A pop-up window will appear where you are prompted to configure your referral flow.
  • The default setting allows players to win rewards once their referred friends create an account on your platform. However, you can create your own flow for rewarding your players based on different events. For example, let your players win rewards once their referred friends complete their first order.
  • Enter the number of points that you wish to reward your players with once their referred friends complete the configured actions, then click Add.
  • In the upper-right section of the referrals program page, make sure the referral toggle is set to Active.

Adding Multiple Referral Configurations

Gameball allows you to configure multiple referral scenarios. Players can be rewarded according to the following:

  • Players are rewarded by the first action completed by their referred friends
  • Players can win multiple rewards from one referred friend, based on different referral configurations, if their referred friend completed multiple configured scenarios in one event.

To further elaborate on the above. For example, assume the following four scenarios are configured on your Gameball dashboard.

  1. Players win $5 once their referred friends signup.
  2. Players win $5 if their referred friends signup and placed an order.
  3. Players win $10 if their referred friends signup and placed an order of greater than $100.
  4. Players win $10 if their referred friends signup and placed an order of greater than $250.

If a referred friend signs up, using the referral URL then completes an order of $120 in the same session. The lucky player will get rewarded with points equivalent to $20. The breakdown of these $20 is as follows:

  • First, $5 for the signup
  • Then another $5 for completing an order
  • Finally, $10 since the completed order exceeded $100

The referred friend completed three scenarios upon signing up using the referral URL and allowed their player who referred them to win $20.

Please note that this is not applicable if the referred friend signup, then a couple of days later decide to make their first order. Referral rewards apply to completed actions done during the signup session using the player's unique link.

To sum up, Gameball allows you to create one rule for friend referral or multiple scenarios to reward players with different points based on the actions taken by their referred friend.

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