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Referral marketing is basically encouraging your current customers to refer your business to other people they know, and in return, you reward them for every successful referral. Referral programs are a great way to build loyalty with your customers by asking people who trust you to ask others to trust them.

To understand and configure a referral program at Gameball, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Gameball dashboard, then go to Programs > Referrals, and click Configure.

Step 1: Choose your rewards

A. Choose a type of player reward

  • To choose a reward for the player that made the referral, click on Change next to Player Reward.

  • A pop-up window will appear where you are prompted to choose your type of reward. Choose one of the following reward types:

    • Fixed Amount

    • Percentage Based Discount

    • Free Shipping

    • Free Product

    • Points

  • If the reward type is already set to your preference, go back and click the Edit Icon under Player Reward.

  • The next step is configuring the reward criteria and rules:

  1. Reward Value:

    Choose the value of the reward voucher based on the reward type you have just chosen. In the case of:

    • Fixed Amount: type down the value of the voucher according to your currency. For example, the reward value could be set to "5" USD.

    • Percentage-based Discount: specify the discount percentage you want to give to your players. For example, a "10%" discount voucher on their order.

    • Free Shipping: no reward value is required in this case.

    • Free Product: type down the product name want to give to your player as a form of reward. For example: "Black Leather Bag."

    • Points: Type down the number of points you want to reward your player with. For example, "1500" Points.

    ❗️❗️ Important note: you can create rewards with the fixed amount and percentage-based discounts that are applicable to specific categories/collections only. Learn more

  2. Applies to:

    The reward coupon could be applicable to orders that have any product/item from your platform, or products/items from specific collections only.

    Choose between:

    • Entire Order: the coupon is flexible and can be applied to any order.

    • Specific collection/s.: choose a collection for the reward coupon to be applicable.

  3. Extra Reward:

    • If you want to reward players for their multiple successful referrals as a bonus, switch the toggle under Extra Reward.

    • Type down the minimum number of successful referrals a player needs to make before they receive their extra reward. For example, reward a player with a bonus reward after "3" successful referrals.

    • Choose between points and the 4 types of coupons mentioned earlier to give as an extra reward.

    • Just as in the latter step, type down the value of this extra reward. For example, "500" points or "5%" percentage-based discount.

  4. Click Save

B. Choose a type of friend reward

You can reward the friend who got referred when they visit your platform through the referral link that was sent to them by a player of yours.

  • To configure a friend's reward, click Change next to Friend Reward.

  • A pop-up window will appear where you are prompted to choose your reward details

❗️Note: Points are not available as a reward type as they can only be applied to registered customers (players who signed up.)

  • There are two extra steps you need to configure for Friend Reward:

  1. Minimum Purchase Amount:

    • Choose the minimum value of the friend's first order for the reward to be applicable to.

    ❗️Note: it is recommended that the Minimum Purchase Amount is set to be significantly higher than the reward value itself. for example, if the reward value is "5 USD," then the minimum purchase value should exceed "20 USD."

  2. Friend Notification:

    • The reward notification with the coupon code will be sent to the new customer via notification. Choose between the following as the shape of the reward notification:

      • Toast

      • Popup

  3. Click Save.

Step 2: Configure a referral rule

You can set some rules that the referred friend needs to follow before the referral is considered successful and the player and/or friend get rewarded for it.

  • To choose an action or rule that the referred friend needs to complete before either of your players (referee and referred) gets the reward, click the Edit Icon under the reward configuration bars.

  • First, decide whether or not the referred friend has to sign up to your platform for the referral to be complete. Switch the toggle under Friend creates an account.

  • ❗️❗️Important Note: in case choosing that the friend does not need to sign up as a step to a successful referral, the friend then needs to complete their first purchase or action on your platform to receive the referral reward.

  • If you require a registration (sign up) from the referred friend, then after switching the toggle, you can require more steps from the friend before they receive the reward. For example, you can add a rule that asks the friend to make a purchase first in order to recieve the referral reward.

❗️Note: both the player and their referred friends will see a step-by-step guide on what they need to do to get rewarded through the widget and notifications. Read more about the player's and friends' referral experience.

The default setting allows players to win rewards once their referred friends create an account on your platform. However, you can create your own flow for rewarding your players based on different events. For example, let your players win rewards once their referred friends complete their first order or place an X amount order. Learn how to create and send events to Gameball.

Step 3: Set a referral landing page

When a player makes a referral by copying their unique URL and share it with their friends, the friend will then click on the URL to be redirected to your platform. Read about player and friend referral experience.

You can decide which page on your platform you want the guests to land on. Follow the next steps to set a referral landing page:

  • Click on the Edit Icon next to the Referral landing page.

  • Copy the URL of the targeted landing page for guests to land on.

  • Paste the URL under URL

  • Click Save

❗️❗️Important Note: to change referral section content on the widget, visit the widget settings content section on the dashboard. Read more about customizing referral widget content.

How to reward players only

To reward the player who made a successful referral only without rewarding the referred friend, you need to delete the friend's reward. Read about referral rewarding strategies

Follow the next steps to delete the friend reward:

  • Click the Edit Icon under Friend Reward

  • Scroll down, then click Delete.

How to activate the referral program

  • To launch the Gameball referral program on your platform, you need to switch the toggle on the upright of the referral page.

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