Introduction to Gameball's Outbound

Get to know the three different channels to use for customer communication and outbound marketing.

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Outbound allows you to customize messages to serve multiple purposes, such as acquisition, retention, facilitating players' journeys, and engagement. It can also be a tool to use alongside your campaigns and/or boost your programs' performances.

Outbound is one of Gameball's powerful engagement features. It provides means of communication between you and your players. It can also be a tool to use alongside your campaigns and/or boost your programs' performances.

Even more, for your players, Gameball gives you the opportunity to customize user outbounds. You can define the audience and set the message content, page trigger, challenge trigger, the number of times the player receives the message, and many more features.

What type of outbound does Gameball provide?

Outbound provides three different methods of customer messaging

  • Emails

  • Mobile Push

  • Web Messages

Here is a brief on each type of outbound:


Email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies by all industries to increase sales, conversion rate, and retention.

Unlike other types of outbound, emails are never lost or time framed and so are always accessible by your customer anywhere at any time.

Emails are sent to registered customers (Players) and guests who have made at least one order before because email addresses are required.

As with the other outbound types, you can choose whom of the players should receive specific emails based on their information, segments, or tags. You could also trigger these emails to be sent upon a specific action from a player. Learn how to create an email.

Mobile push

Mobile push is a great tool to reach players at anytime. They are usually used when there are hot deals you want your players to learn about, and to remind them of your platform in general so that they keep revisiting it. Hence, Mobile push contributes to customer retention and sales. Learn how to create a mobile push.

Web Messages

Web messages help you communicate with your customer on spot.

Web Messages are mainly used for up-selling, alerting, or getting the player excited for an action or a challenge throughout their journey on your platform.

A message pops up encouraging the player to complete a challenge, to remind them of the daily deals and offers, and to trigger the player's next move. This feature helps you increase your conversion rate. Learn how to create a web message.

How can I configure an outbound?

Go to Gameball Dashboard, Click Outbound on the left bar to choose which type of outbound you want to configure.

Or click Create Outbound, then choose between Emails, Mobile Push, and Web Messages.

You will then be able to start configuring the outbound based on the type you have chosen.

Follow the instructions in these help center articles for a detailed walkthrough on creating each type of outbound:

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