Messages is one of Gameball’s powerful engagement features. It’s a means of communication between you and your players.

Gameball allows you to customize visitor messages and showcase your platform, benefits which will facilitate the player’s journey and increase the interaction process and thus convert visitors to signups. Read more on Create & Configure your guests' messages.

Even more, for your players, Gameball gives you the opportunity to customize user messages. You can define audience and set the message content, page trigger, challenge trigger, the number of times the player receives the message, and many more features. 

It’s mainly used for up-selling, alerting, or getting the player excited for an action or a challenge throughout their journey on your platform. A message pops up encouraging the player to complete a challenge, to remind them of the daily deals and offers, and to trigger the player’s next move. Thus, more conversion! Read more on Create & Configure your players' messages.

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