Integrate Gameball With Your WordPress Website
How to install Gameball Wordpress Plugin for your e-commerce WordPress website built using WooCommerce?
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If you are on WordPress and using WooCommerce, you can now easily integrate Gameball experience with only one click!

Watch this video and follow the steps to integrate Gameball with your WordPress website:

Once you signup on Gameball, you will need to complete some quick tasks to finalize your integration between Gameball and WordPress.

Step 1: use Gameball plugin on your website

A. Install Gameball plugin on your WordPress website

Go to your WordPress Admin page > Plugins > Add New and follow the below steps:

  • Search for Gameball Plugin

  • Install Gameball plugin to your WordPress

  • Activate Gameball plugin

B: Configure your Gameball plugin on the WordPress website

Once you activate Gameball plugin, a new Gameball link will be added to your WordPress admin main menu. Click on this link to access the plugin configurations page.

Follow the below steps:

Once you add these details click on Submit to start connecting your WordPress with Gameball account.

Step 2: Add your website registration link on Gameball

Your registration page URL is needed for the below:

  • Creating a unique referral link to your players (in case of enabling referral program)

  • Encouraging your visitors to signup through Gameball guest view widget

Step 3: Use WooCommerce REST API key

This will enable your customers to redeem and transform their points into WooCommerce coupons on your website; without configuring this key, the points redemption feature will not be available.

A: Create WooCommerce REST API key

Go to your WordPress Admin page > WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab > Rest API then follow the below steps:

  • Click on Add Key

  • Write a name for this new key and choose "Read/Write" then click on Generate API key

Now your WooCommerce REST API is created and ready to be used.

B: Configure REST API key on Gameball

Go to your WordPress Admin page > WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab > REST API and follow the below steps:

  • Click on the recently created REST API in the last step.

  • Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer secret.

Go to your Gameball admin dashboard and navigate to your tasks page. Click on Add WordPress API Keys task and follow the below steps:

  • Add your website URL link

  • Add your WooCommerce REST API Consumer key and Consumer secret

  • WordPress API version should be version 3

Once you add all needed details click on Test Connection

❗️Note: You can change the configured REST API on Gameball later through your Gameball Admin Settings.

Step 4: Publish Gameball on your website

You are now ready to publish Gameball on your website. Click on Publish Gameball at task #4, and Gameball is now published!

❗️❗️Important Note: Gameball only support Woocommerce 2.4+ version.

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