Gameball offers four programs that let store owners make the most out of customer acquisition, activation, engagement, and loyalty. The four programs are:

  1. Levels
  2. Challenges and Missions
  3. Referrals
  4. Purchase Rewards

Once you configure your players' gamified experience, you can customize how they can redeem their points through Points Configurations.

Screenshot: Gameball Programs

These programs let you create a theme of gamification, excitement, celebration, and achievement on your platform which in turn increases customer retention and stickiness. So make sure to activate all five programs!


Levels allow you to tier your players based on their engagement and activity on your platform. As players increase their score, they also increase in level. This allows you to easily identify customers with high purchase activity. Levels mainly focus on customer retention and loyalty.

Challenges and Missions:

Encourage your players to win challenges and missions and hence keep them on your platform for longer. Gameball offers a variety of in-app challenges that you can easily set up and activate through the Gameball dashboard. For example, sign-up or anniversary challenges. Players can earn points, score, or win cool badges on their player widget once they complete challenges!

On the other hand, missions are simply a sequence of challenges that must be won in sequence in order to accomplish a mission.

Make sure to configure challenges and missions as they have a strong impact on your sales funnel, especially on activation, loyalty, and retention.


Referrals are your low-cost marketing strategy. The happier are your customers, the more they refer your products and services to their network. So, motivate your players to invite their friends to join your platform and reward them too.

You can create a specific scenario to allow your players to win points only after a specific event or action is completed. For example, you can reward your players with points only after their referred friends signup and complete their first order.

Purchase Rewards

Reward your players with scores and points for every order or purchase they finish. Reward your players for every unit currency paid, 1 USD for example, with 1 point and 1 score. The score allows your players to level up, while points can be redeemed later as discounts through Points Configuration.

Points Configuration

Points configuration allows you to set a monetary value for each point in your configured currency. In addition to that, you also set an expiry period of your players' points.

For example, you can configure a purchase reward of 1 point for every 1 USD spent, then set 1 point to be equivalent to 0.01 USD and expire after one year. In this case, if one makes a purchase today worth 1000 USD, they win 1000 points that they can use as a discount worth of 10 USD on their next purchase and they have to use these points within a year from now.

Check our step-by-step articles in the next sections to configure each of these programs to make the most out of them!

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