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Know more about the three programs you can set for players to earn points.

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Gameball offers three main methods that allow bussniess owners to reward their players and increase customer acquisition, activation, engagement, and loyalty. The three programs are:

  1. Cashback Points

  2. Referrals

  3. Other Ways to Earn (Challenges)

These methods let you create a gamified experience that includes excitement, celebration, and achievements on your platform. In return, you will find increased customer retention and engagement. So make sure to configure and activate all three programs!

Cashback Points:

In cashback, you will be able to reward your players with points for every order or purchase they finish. Reward your players for every unit currency paid, 1 USD for example, with 1 point. Points can be redeemed later as discount coupons through Points Configuration.


Referrals are your low-cost marketing strategy. The happier your customers are, the more likely they refer your products and services to their network. So, motivate your players to invite their friends to join your platform and reward them when they do so.

You can create a specific scenario to allow your players to win rewards only after a specific event or action is completed. For example, you can reward your players with points only after their referred friends signup and complete their first order. Referred friends or guests can win rewards as well when they complete certain actions.

Other Ways to Earn (Challenges)

Encourage your players to win challenges, hence, keep them on your platform for longer. Gameball offers a variety of in-app challenges that you can easily set up and activate through the Gameball dashboard. Signing up, placing orders, and staying active for a year "anniversary" are all examples of challenges your player can complete. Players can earn points, or win cool badges on their player widget once they complete these challenges!

Leave a strong impact on your sales funnel, especially on activation, loyalty, and retention and make sure to use the existant templates to let players win or custome your own player way of earning.

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