As mentioned before in previous articles, your players will be able to level up based on their score balance:

What if you want to level up your customers based only on the actual paid amount on your store only?

This will be done through Purchase Reward Program. Follow the below guide to achieve this:

  1. From Levels Program, set the level threshold based on your desired consumption level. For example level 2 after paying 2,000 USD, level 3 after paying 5,000 USD.. and so on
  2. Make sure that your players will not get score from any other than program other than Purchase Reward Program
  3. From the Purchase Reward Program, set the score reward equation to be 1 score balance reward for every 1 USD paid

Now your players will gain 1 score point on every 1 USD spent on your store. They will be tiered on levels based on the actual paid amount on your store!

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