Now for our pro customers, you will have Purchase Reward program campaigns. You will be able to start special points rewards during special days or hours. Apply double the point or happy weekend hour, and much more.

How do campaigns work?

Campaigns will let you assign different rewards equating on every 1 USD paid on your platform. For example, during the campaign time, the customer will get double the points, 2 points for every 1 USD spent instead of 1 point. You can assign different equations for both scores and points.

How to set and enable Purchase Reward program campaigns?

You can access Purchase Reward program campaigns in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Programs > Purchase Reward Program

The Campaigns section will be shown in the page as per the below screenshot:

How to set a campaign configuration?

Click on the edit icon of the campaign section:

You can control the below:

  • Reward rule during the campaign for both rank and point for every 1 USD spent
  • Notification to be pushed to your players once they open the website during campaign time (web only)
  • Schedule when the start and end date of the campaign which will be enabled automatically during this period

Some other important notes:

  • You can enable/disable the campaign without a schedule by clicking on the status toggle of the campaign
  • When the campaign is active, any transaction that happens during its period will be flagged as it is related to a campaign. You can see this in the extracted report of players purchase reward program achievements
  • The campaign is just an on/off module, so you can not set multiple campaigns at a time

How can you use Purchase Reward program campaigns?

Happy Hour

You can communicate to your players that during a specific hour of the upcoming weekend, there is a specific hour that will have special rewards, ask them to keep coming to your website during that day to get the chance to win the special rewards.


Christmas Time

You can encourage your players to buy during specific times of the year, like Christmas time. Communicate to all your customers that if they buy any products during this time, they will get double the points as a reward which can be used later as a discount for the next purchases.

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