Reward your loyal players with a fixed discount percentage and different benefits per level when they level up. This way you encourage your players to use your platform even when they do not have points to use and redeem as discount coupons.

Create Discount Percentage

You can either create fixed discounts per level while creating levels or edit existing levels. Open your Gameball dashboard, go to Programs > Levels, then click Create New Level, or the edit icon. A pop-up appears as shown below.

Level popup

In the pop-up under Level Achievement Reward, define the required fixed discount percentage for the level. In this example, we have defined a 5% discount for all players at the silver level.

Players Using Discount Percentage Coupons

Once you configure a discount percentage through the Gameball dashboard, a brief description will appear to all players at this level on their player widget.

Player widget: levels

Players can redeem this fixed discount by clicking Redeem Now from their widget and creating a discount coupon. Coupons are only used once and then get burnt. However, players can create new discount coupons for their fixed discounts with every purchase as long as they are at the specified level.

Your players can now enjoy fixed discount percentages during checkout for each configured level with a fixed discount.

❗️❗️ Important Note: coupons created as a level benefit coupon expires after 2 days from the day of the creation. Players can always re-generate new coupons.

The 2-day level coupon expiry is applied automatically, and players can always see the expiry alert on the coupon card on the widget.

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