This feature is only available for Shopify and WordPress only, where you can add extra configurations to let your players create different types of coupons.

At Gameball we currently offer two customizable types of redemption in addition to the default redemption settings.

  • Flat Rate discount: By default, once you set an equivalent value for points, a flat rate discount could be applied by players.

  • Discount Percentage: Players can exchange a defined amount of points for a fixed percentage discount coupon, for example, you can make players configure a 10% discount coupon for 1000 points.

  • Free Shipping: Give your players the ability to convert a specific amount of points to a free shipping coupon.

  • Free Product: Give your players the ability to convert a specific amount of points to get a specific product.

Customize Extra Redemption Configurations

On your Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs > Points Configurations, then click Configure.

  • After you click Configure, click Add New Rule, below Default Rules, to start adding extra configurations for points redemption.

You will be asked to configure a few settings:

  • Redemption Type: Where you select an option for redemption either free shipping, free products, or a percentage-based discount.

  • Equivalent Points: Where you set the equivalent points for the selected.

❗️❗️Important notes:

  • In case you choose a percentage-based discount type, you will be required to enter the percentage discount value.

  • In case you choose a free Product type, you will be required to select the product which will be granted for free in exchange for the voucher.

  • You can hide the flat rate discount from the player widget by clicking on the hide icon next to the rule.

How Do Players Learn about This?

The new extra settings appear in the widget under the redemption tab along with the default rule.

With these few simple steps, we have configured extra redemption settings for percentage discounts and free shipping.

❗️Note: Your players will be able to view the “Redeem Now” button only when they have gained points (points balance is above zero).

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