Enjoy increasing your social media presence and enhancing your branding by configuring the social media challenge through Gameball. Gameball offers you this challenge type to encourage your players to follow you on different social media platforms. Here is how you can create and configure this type of challenges.

How to Create a Social Media Challenge?

The following is an example of a challenge that pushes our players to like our page on Facebook.

Set Challenge Behavior

After clicking Create New Challenge from your challenges listing page, select Social Media, then click Next.

Set Social Setting

On the next page, select the social media platform and action that you would like to incentify your players to do.

In this example, Our Gameball Facebook page URL is inserted.

Set Challenge Details

Next, you will be prompted to set the challenge details that would be visible to your players in the player widget, like name, badge, and description. Enter these details and select or upload an image that matches your platform theme.

Set Challenge Settings

It is recommended that you open this challenge to all players at all levels, make it visible at all times, and notify players when they achieve this challenge.

Set Challenge Rewards

On this page, you can select the rewards that your players would win upon endorsing you on social media. In our case, we set 500 points as rewards when our players like us on our Facebook page.

Finally, review your challenge details and configuration then publish the challenge on your platform.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Your players will be rewarded for this challenge once they are redirected outside your platform. Gameball can NOT guarantee that your players actually like or follow you on your social media platforms.

Social Media Challenge on Player Widget

Now that we have configured the social media challenge, its badge will automatically be visible on your player widget among other badges. Below is how the badge info appears within your player widget.

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