As we all know, a community is a group of people who share the same characteristics. If your platform is used by different groups of people with whom you want to connect together, creating Community-based Leaderboards might just be what you are looking for.

❗️Note: This is a GURU feature.

Examples of a community would be:

  • Players coming from the same company/workplace.

  • Players using a specific network operator.

On Gameball, a community will connect these players together. They will be able to see their level of engagement and compare it with other players within their own community.

That is not everything, you can also enable them to see their community's rank amongst other communities, for example, see their company's rank in terms of interaction with your platform and compare it to other companies that also use your platform.

Step 1: Activate Communities on Gameball

You can access and either enable or disable the communities leaderboard through your Gameball Admin Dashboard > Admin Settings > Communities

In the top right of the page, you can enable communities through the activation toggle.

Step 2: Send Community Attribute to Gameball

During player initialization or even later, make sure you are sending Community Attribute among other player attributes. Read more on Gameball Player Attributes and Player Initialization

Step 3: Create new Communities on Gameball

Follow the steps below to create and enable a community-based leaderboard:

  • Access Communities on Gameball Admin Dashboard

You can access the communities leaderboard through your Gameball Admin Dashboard > Admin Settings > Communities

  • Configure the following Community fields:

  1. Community Attribute Unique Name [Sent along with player Attributes]

  2. Community Displayed Name [Displayed in the Player Profile]

  3. Community Image [Displayed in the Player Profile]

  • Click on Add

If you did not manually create communities through this step and you sent community attribute for players during player initialization, the following will occur:

  • Communities will be automatically created with the attribute name

  • Display name will be in English and will be the same as attribute name for any Player Profile language

  • Community Image will be the default community image assigned by Gameball

Step 4: Go to Players section to check the community your players will be assigned


❗️Note: This column will not appear if you did not activate your Community section through the Admin Settings.

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