Gameball gives you the chance to encourage your players on a specific significant date every year through a new challenge behaviour type called "Scheduled Challenge".

In this article, we will walk you through an example to give your players a scheduled reward, every March 8th, International Women's Day.

Follow the below steps on how you can create and configure this type of challenge.

Step 1: Choose "Scheduled Challenge" as challenge behaviour

After clicking Create New Challenge from your challenges listing page, select Scheduled Challenge Media, and click Next.

Step 2: Set Challenge Details

On this page, you will set the challenge details that will be used internally and displayed to the users including challenge internal name, challenge displayed badge and displayed information.

Step 3: Set Scheduling Settings

In this step, select the date that you want to give your players the scheduled challenge badge on.

  • Set the date to be on 8th March

Click on Next.

Note: this challenge will be repeated yearly. Thus, this reward will be given to your players once every year.

Step 4: Set Challenge Details

In this step, configure

  • Unlocking settings: On which level(s) should this challenge be unlocked?
  • Repeatability Settings: How many times this challenge can be won? Only this year, only for a few years, for the player's lifetime?
  • Player Notification Settings: Do you want to notify the player when this challenge is achieved?

Click on Next.

Step 5: Set Challenge Rewards

In this step, configure:

  • Score Reward for this challenge achievement
  • Points Reward for this challenge achievement

Click on Next

Step 6: Review Challenge

In this step, review the previously configured 5 steps and go back to making edits as per needed.

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