Learn how you can reward your players for survey response submission through SurveyMonkey. Please note that in order to use this feature, you must be on a paid plan on SurveyMonkey.

Go over what a Zap is in Zapier A zap consists of a trigger and an action. Gameball is only working as an action. Read more on Gameball on Zapier.

In the upcoming steps, we will guide you on how to give players a reward upon survey form submission.

Step 1: Configure Trigger On Zapier

On Zapier, a trigger is any event that you want to use to start a Zap. Read more on triggers on Zapier. Once you've set up a Zap, Zapier will keep monitoring that player event.

In this use case, the trigger will be done through SurveyMonkey. But first, you must make sure that your players submit their email address in the survey. We will be using the email address to identify your players, so the email address submitted must match the one on your platform that is stored at Gameball.

Follow the below steps to create a Zap between SurveyMonkey and Gameball:

A. Choose App and event

Choose SurveyMonkey app and select Trigger Event as "New Response Notification"

B. Choose Account

In case you have different Surveymonkey accounts, choose the one you are expecting campaigns through.

C. Customize Response

Choose the name of the survey you're expecting the response to.

D. Choose collector

Choose the collector you're expecting this response on.

i.e. a collector on Surveymonkey is a shorthand for describing the way responses are being collected on Surveymonkey.

F. Test Trigger & Find Data

Click on "Test trigger" to make sure you will find a response and make sure your trigger is working fine before customizing your Zap.

If you see the below response, you're on the right track!

Step 2: Configure Action

An action is a job your Zap does once your trigger event occurs. Read more on actions on Zapier.

In this use case, the action will be done on Gameball through the following steps:

A. Choose App & Event

Choose App as Gameball and Action as "Send Event"

i.e. this is the only event

B. Choose Gameball Account

Note: You might need to add your API key. For more info on how to get it, read Get Your Account Integration Details: API Key and Transaction Key

C. Customize Event

Add the event name, event metadata (if needed), and player email.

Note: Make sure you add the name in this format: "appname_eventname", leave metadata empty if metadata is not needed and finally add the player email to choose the player you want to give this reward to.

If you enter an email to a player that is not already created on Gameball, this event will not be sent and the player will be created on Gameball.

D. Send Data

Click on Test & Review or Test & Continue

Finally, click turn on Zap and move to configure challenge on Gameball.

Step 3: Configure challenge on Gameball

In this step, log in to your Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs > Challenges & Missions. Click Add New Challenge and follow the below steps:

A. Set Challenge Behaviour

Choose Event-based as challenge behavior, and click Next

B. Set Challenge Details

On this page, you will set the challenge details that will be used internally and displayed to the users including challenge internal name, challenge displayed badge, and displayed information.

C. Set Event Settings

On this page, you will see the event you already configured above. Select it and make sure the number of times this event to be completed is one.

D. Set Challenge Details

In this step, configure

  • Unlocking settings: On which, level(s) should this challenge be unlocked?
  • Repeatability Settings: How many times this challenge can be won? Only this year, only for a few years, for the player's lifetime?
  • Player Notification Settings: Do you want to notify the player when this challenge is achieved?

Click on Next

E. Set Challenge Rewards

In this step, configure:

  • Points Reward for this challenge achievement
  • Score Reward for this challenge achievement (if you have chosen score as your leveling up method. Learn more)

Click on Next

F. Review Challenge

In this step, review the previously configured 5 steps and go back to making edits as needed.

🎉You're all set up now! Your players will start earning this challenge upon survey form submission!

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