This type of rewards will do a great personalization in your rewards program to increase engagement and nothing is more personal than your customers' birthdays!

When you know your customers' birthdays, you have the opportunity to reward them with bonus points on their special day.

How to create a birthday challenge?

It is simple and easy, just create a new challenge with type "Birthday"

On your Gameball dashboard, go to Programs > Challenges. On the top right of the challenges program page, click Create a New Challenge, then follow the same steps of creating a new challenge on Gameball.

How to get your players' birthday?

ℹ️ In order to let your players get this reward, their birthday must be stored inside the Birth Date profile attribute.

Option 1: Through Gameball widget

Through Gameball widget, your player will be able to enter their birth date only in case there's an active birthday challenge as following:

  • As the player birthday is not stored, a button will be shown over the birthday challenge badge to add the birthday
  • The player will click on it to access the challenge page
  • The player will add his/her birthday and click on Add

Option 2: Through technical integration

📝 This is not available in Shopify/WooCommerce/Magento plugins by default. This is done through technical integration.

In case you are already asking your customers to give you their birthdays during the registration on your platform, you can include their dates in the birth date profile attribute, check our technical documentation for more information.

Once the date is now added to the player profile attribute, you will be able to see it on the player page as shown below:

ℹ️ Important Note: Every player will be able to get the birthday reward only 1 time in the same year, so in case the birth date has been changed and a player already received the birthday reward, he/she won't get the reward again at the same year.

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