Send Different Outbounds to Your Players Based on Segments and Tags

Simulate different emails, mobile push, and web messages to be sent to different groups of players based on segments they belong to or tags.

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Through segments and tags, you can simulate endless message scenarios to be automatically sent to your players based on the segment they belong to or the tags you assigned them with.

You will be able to add tag(s) to your outbounds, so your players won't be able to receive these messages unless they have the same tags.

To understand more about how to do magic through tags, check the below illustration:

❗️Note: Tags and segments are only valid for outbounds sent to players only. This option is not available for guest messages.

How to add segments ot tags to an outbound?

Go to Gameball Dashboard, Click Outbound on the left bar to choose which type of outbound you want to configure.

Or click Create Message, then choose between Emails, Mobile Push, and Web Messages.

You will then be able to start configuring the outbound based on the type you have chosen.

You will be taken directly to the 5 stages of outbound creation:

  1. Rules

  2. Scheduling

  3. Compose

  4. Goal

  5. Preview

Follow the next steps to customize your outbound exactly as you intend.

Step 1: Rules


Decide if you want this outbound to be sent to all your players list or specific customers.

Choose Specific Customers

From the dropdown list, choose between:

  • Segments

  • Tags

  • Player Attributes

Once you have chosen these options, another dropdown list will show that will allow you to pick the specific segment or tag.

Can I choose both segments and tags at the same time to define my target audience?

Yes, you can define the target audience that will receive the particular outbound by picking both specific segments and tags at the same time. Here is How:

Choose your first segment or tag, then click Add Rule.

Then you can choose whether you want to add another audience criteria from the new dropdown list.

There are two relations that could be set between each rule:

  • AND relation: the targeted player needs to comply with both rules in order to receive the mobile push.

  • OR relation: the targeted player needs to comply with only one of the rules to receive the mobile push.

You can repeat and add as many rules as you need in order to specify the exact targeted audience you want this outbound to reach.

Based on the configuration example of the last photo, players who belong under the "Active" segment, AND have the "VIP" tag, AND have more than "3000" points will receive this mobile push.

The rest of the players on your list will only receive this outbound if they comply with the specified criteria.

After choosing the targeted segment or tag, proceed with the rest of the configuration process as stated in these articles:

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