You can manually add an achievement to your players. This achievement can be added to all your players at once or to specific players.

Add an Achievement to a Player

In order to add an achievement to a specific player, navigate to the player profile page through the Gameball Admin Dashboard. Go to Players, search for the player using the filters, click the player's name to open the player page.

  • Inside the player profile page, navigate to the Program Achievement tab, then click Add Achievement Manually.

  • Once you click Add Achievement Manually, a small popup appears where you can select if you want to add score only, Points only, or both.

The below details are required to add the achievement:

When selecting Score only:

  • Score: Reward the player with a score.

  • Reason: State your reason for adding this achievement to your player.

  • Tags: Apply players' tags if you only want to add this achievement to a group of players.

When selecting Points only:

  • Points: Reward the player with points.

  • Points Amount: Add the value of the points in your currency.

  • Expiry: Set the expiry date for the points to be either Default Duration or Custom Duration. Follows the pre-configured expiry date in Points Configuration, Custom Duration and choose a new expiry date for the added points only.

When selecting Score and Points:

All previously mentioned attributes should be filled.

  • When you are done with the previous details, write "CONFIRM" then click Add.

  • The manual achievement added will not reflect under the Program Achievement tab of the Players page.

Add an Achievement to a Group of Players or All Players

In case you want to add an achievement to more than one player, this is the feature for you. While you are logged in to your Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Players.

For all players:

On the Players page, navigate to Program Achievement without selecting any player or applying filters.

For a group of Players:

Click on the Add filter icon and filter the players according to your criteria. Click Add Achievement Manually

  • Once you click Add Achievement Manually, a small popup appears where you can select if you want to add score only, Points only, or both.

Note: You can use tags while adding manual achievement, so you can give only the players assigned to specific tag(s). Read Group your players by tags

  • Apply a player's Tag if needed, and confirm the selected configuration by typing "CONFIRM", then click Add

  • A notification will appear informing you that your request is being processed and you will be notified by email once all players are rewarded with the challenges.

Check your email later and you will find a confirmation email indicating that the achievement was successfully added to your specified or all players.

Manually Add Achievements through a CSV File

You can do this through a CSV file. Follow the below steps:

  • Download our default template

  • Fill the template with every player will get the manual achievement and the corresponding data.

  • Go through our verification steps to make sure your data is imported successfully

This sums up how you can manually add an achievement to a specific player, group of players, or all your current players through the Gameball admin dashboard.

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