During the process of configuring a referral program, you will have to set a reward strategy for the parties involved in the referral process. You can can create a scenario that is most convenient for you.

Here is a brief of the 3 different reward strategies for the referral program:

Rewarding Players only

When you choose to reward players only for a successful referral, your player or the referrer will win a reward after the referred friend sign-up and complete a certain action according to your configured flow rule.

The referred friend, however, will not be rewarded when they sign up or complete the required action.

Rewarding Players and their friends

When the referred friend sign-up and completes a certain action according to your configured flow rule, both the referee and the referred players will win rewards chosen for each.

Rewarding Players and their guest friends

If you have chosen this as your strategy, your player will be able to win a reward when they successfully refer a friend. the referred friend does not have to sign-up; however, they will receive a reward coupon of which they can use during their first purchase. Once the guest places an order using the coupon, the referrer will receive the reward.

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