The sign-up challenge is one of the strongest tools you could use to convert your platform visitors from being occasional guests to becoming regulars. When a guest sees the guest widget the reward they get for signing up, they will be motivated to join your loyalty program.

How to Create a Sign-up Challenge?

You can access the challenges section of your Gameplan experience in the Gameball dashboard through Programs > Challenges and Missions: Configure

Follow the below steps on how to create and configure this type of challenge.

Choose "Signup" as challenge behavior

After clicking Create New Challenge from your challenges listing page, select Signup Challenge Media, then click Next.

Choose Tags

If you want the challenge to be available and visible to only a group of people you choose based on any criteria, you can create a label to tag these people with, then you can configure challenges only for them. Read about Group your players by tags

Basic Details

  • Challenge Name: It is the internal name of the challenge, this name won't be displayed on Gameball player widget.
    Examples: Referral badge for Q1 2019, Upselling placing fashion orders Jan 2019.. etc

  • Challenge Badge: This is the challenge image/badge which will be seen by the player on Gameball player widget.

Displayed Information

  • Displayed Name: the name of the challenge which will be displayed on Gameball player widget.
    Examples: The Reviewer, The Shopaholic, The Networker.. etc

  • Displayed Description: the description of the challenge that will be displayed on Gameball player widget.

Achievement Rewards

Define how do you want to reward your player after achieving this challenge. You can reward your player with the below options:

  • Score (if you have chosen score as your leveling up method. Learn more)

  • Points

Challenge Settings

General Settings

Challenge Visibility

Control how do you want to display the challenge inside Gameball Player Profile. You have 3 options:

  • Always Visible: The challenge will be always visible in the player profile before and after achieving it

  • Not Visible: The challenge won’t be visible in the player profile before and after achieving it

  • Visible If Achieved: The challenge will be visible in the player profile only after achieving it

Notifications Settings

Achievement Notification

Choose if you want your players to get notified after achieving the challenge, or when they take an action (event) that takes them one step closer to completing the challenge. You choose from the following options:

  • Notifications on: Players will receive a notification after completing an event or challenge.

  • Notifications off: Players will not receive any notifications after completing an event or challenge.

  • Global settings: Notifications will be sent based on the predefined notification settings you configured on the notifications section. Read more about Sending real-time notifications for challenge and missions program

Lastly, review the configuration details and click Save.

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