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Creating Custom Benefits For Different Levels
Creating Custom Benefits For Different Levels

Customize benefits for every level your players reach. Let your most loyal players enjoy exclusive benefits created just for them.

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Besides the fixed discount percentages, you can also add any type of benefits designed exclusively for that certain level. If you are on the Pro or Guru plan, then you can easily inform your players about these special benefits through the Gameball player widget.

Inform Players With Other Exclusive Benefits

While creating levels or edit existing levels, you can create a benefit just for that level.

There are two types of benefits you can apply on each level:

  • Loyalty system rewards Different cashback percentages, fixed discounts, entry rewards, free products, free shipping, etc.

  • Brand perks: Free samples or gifts, special treatments, access to special products, etc.

While the "loyalty system rewards" can be configured through Gameball dashboard, read more; you can also inform your customers of the "brand perks" through the custom benefits feature.

To create custom benefits for any level, open your Gameball dashboard, go to Levels

  • Click Create New Level, or the Edit Icon to add level benifits.

You will be taken to the level configuration page, where you can set the level details.

  • After updating the level details and discount percentage, scroll down to Benefits.

Fill in the following information to customize special benefits for this level:

Entry Reward

Choose the reward a player will receive once they reach this level. Entry rewards are sent only once.

  • Click Add Reward

  • Reward Name: give a name to this specific reward.

  • Reward Type: choose between:

    • Points

    • Free Products

    • Free Shipping

    • Fixed Amount

    • Percentage-based Discount

  • Click Create

Lifetime Reward

Allow players on this specific level to enjoy a benefit for as long as they are on that level. Lifetime rewards are reoccurring; players can use this reward as many times as they want until they are no longer on this level.

  • Click Add Reward and repeat the same process.

❗️Note: Points can not be given as a Lifetime Reward.

Custom Reward

Give players brand perks/benefits other than the loyalty rewards Gameball provides.

  • Click Add Reward

  • Write a text that explains the extra benefits a player will get if they are on this level.

  • Click Add benefits if you want to give multiple level perks.

❗️Note: you can add a URL to your text in case you want to redirect players to the page that displays the level benefit.

You can see the benefits you set for each configured level through the Benefits button next to each created level.

Players Learning About Level's Benefit

Once you configure a benefit through the Gameball dashboard, the text will show to all players at the level tab on their player widget. The benefit text will also show at the same place a fixed discount is displayed.

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