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Create Redemption Rules That Apply to Specific Collections Only
Create Redemption Rules That Apply to Specific Collections Only

Learn how to create fixed amount and percentage-based discounts that apply only to certain collections and categories on your plarform.

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When creating or editing a redemption rule so that players can find multiple options to exchange their points with when a player earns enough points, they can create their coupon through the previously set flat-rate default rule, or they can redeem any of the existent coupons if you have configured additional redemption rules such as Fixed amount, free product, percentage-based discounts, or free shipping. These coupons were applied to the entire order.

Now, for Shopify and WooCommerce users only, you can create redemption rules applied only to products under pre-specified collections or categories.

For example, you can create a percentage-based discount that can be used on orders that have products from the "Accessories" category. They won't be effective on the entire order or orders that have products from a different category.

What are the redemption rules that can apply to particular categories/collections?

Coupons like free shipping and free product can not be applied to specific categories, so the redemption rules that support this are:

  • Fixed Amount

  • Percentage-based Discounts

If you are creating a new rule with any of these two types of discounts, you can only make them applicable to certain categories/collections.

Why create this type of redemption rule?

  • Increase sales of specific collections: offering a discount on products from certain collections would make more customers consider buying these products to benefit from the discount coupon; this is a well-known marketing strategy.

  • Prevent extra sales on the products already on sale: to simply prevent double discounts. If there are products in your platform that already have discounts or are on sale, you might want to create redemption rules applicable only to categories that do not have discounts.

  • Exclude new arrival collections from discounts: Often, with the release of new collections, you want these new products bought with their original price at least for the first months. You can create these redemption rules that allow players to apply them on all collections except the new ones.

How to create redemption rules for certain categories/collections?

A. Set up your categories/collections

It would be best to have all your products sorted under categories or collections to create this rule. Here is how you can sort your products based on your e-commerce platform:

For Shopify users

Shopify allows you to group your products under Collections. You can do that based on your product categories. Read this Shopify article to learn how to group your products.

For WooCommerce users

On WooCommerce, you can group your products under Categories. Read this WordPress article to learn how to group your products.

If you already have your categories/collections set up, Gameball shall receive this data during the integration process.

B. Create/edit redemption rules

  • Click Add ways to redeem beside Ways to Redeem section.

  • You can create a new rule by clicking Add ways to redeem or edit the existing ones by clicking the Edit Icon next to the existant extra rule.

  • If you are adding a new rule, choose either a Fixed Amount or a Percentage-based Discount.

❗️Note: choosing a specific collection applies only to fixed amount and percentage-based coupons.

  • Then write down the number of points and its equivalent discount value.

  • To choose certain product categories, you want this discount to be exclusively applicable to, scroll down and choose Applies to. Choose between:

    • Entire Order

    • Specific Collection/s

  • Pick your product categories (collection), then click Save.

  • When a rule is created for particular collections instead of the entire order, the Target Symbol is what you will see to differentiate the general redemption rules from the ones made exclusively for specific collections:

How can players differentiate between entire order coupons and coupons created exclusively for specific collections/categories?

When a player navigates to the points redemption section on the widget, they will see all the available coupons that could be redeemed. The coupon that can only be used on pre-specified collections/categories will simply state so.

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