Retain New Customers Using the Challenge Catalog

Convert customers into return customers by rewarding them for their multiple purchases.

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Customer retention is the ultimate goal for most businesses as it maximises profitability and enhance ROI. Gameball understands the importance of retaining old and new customers. For that reason, Gameball has provided ready-to-use challenge templates to be deployed to your platform visitors.

What is customer retention, and how to do that?

Customer is retention is calculated by monitoring the number of customers who keep coming back for new purchases.

Gameball has provided multiple challenge templates that allows you to inform customers of a reward that awaits them when they place new order, or complete certain number of order over the time.

Here are the challenge templates you can use:

  • Second Order: reward your customer when they complete their second order.

  • Third Order: reward your customer when they complete their third order.

  • Fifth Order: reward your customer when they complete their fifth order.

  • Tenth Order: reward your customer when they complete their tenth order.

How can retain existing customers through Gameball dashboard?

You can access the challenges section of your Gameplan experience in the Gameball dashboard through Ways to Earn > Add ways to earn

When you click Add ways to earn, you will be taken to the Challenges Cataloge page, where you can create any type of challenges using the existing templates.

If, however, you can not find the type of challenge from the challenge cataloged, you can always customize your own challenge according to your preference.

Under Retain, choose one of the four templates:

  • Second Order

  • Third Order

  • Fifth Order

  • Tenth Order

What are the details of each challenge template?

All templates under this category share the same exact configuration detail except for the triggers. Here are the details that all four templates share:

Details: although Gameball set the challenge name and description, you can always edit and change the challenge details.

Trigger: the customer will win each of the challenges after they complete their second, third, fifth, and tenth order.

Reward: as with all the challenge templates, you need to set your challenge reward yourself before deploying the challenge.

Eligble customer: add player tags or segments if needed.

Advanced Settings: set to always active, always visible, limited to 1 time, and follows your global (default) notification settings.

How can I set a reward for the challenge?

Define the type and value of your player's reward if they achieved the challenge. Click Add Reward.

You will go to the player reward configuration page.

  • In order to choose the type of reward you want to give to players, use the drop down list under Reward Type.

  • Under Reward Type, choose one of the following reward types:

    • Points

    • Free Product

    • Free Shipping

    • Fixed Amount

    • Percentage Based Discount

  • After choosing the reward type, write down the value of the player's reward under Reward Value.

The following is a list of information you will need to fill when choosing each of the reward types:

  • Product name: type down the name of the free product that will be given to the player. this name will be seen by players.

  • Reward Value: type down the value of the reward you want to grant to players.

  • Reward Expiry (optional): decide if you want to put an expiry date so that players redeem the reward before that day.

  • Minimum Order Value Required (optional): decide if the player should Redeem this (already won reward) only if the order value they want to redeem it with exceed a certain amount.

    For example: this reward will be redeem with an order that exceeds 50 USD.

  • Maximum Reward Usage: decide how many times this reward could be used (redeemed). By default, Gameball allows the players to redeem a gift only one time. However, you can let the reward be redeemable multiple times.

  • Coupon Combination: allow the reward to be redeemed along with other types of coupons. By default, Gameball does not allow the redemption of multiple coupons at once.

  • Applies to: applicable only for the fixed amount coupon and the percentage-based discount. Choose if the coupon can be applied on specific collections only.

  • After being done with creating the players' reward, click Save.

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