Gameball Player Widget is the interface that is displayed to your player during their time spent on your platform. This interface will push your players to be more engaged and interactive. It will allow them to see their progress, know the needed actions to complete more challenges, and receive more rewards.

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The following are features your player will find on Gameball widget:

  • Player Progress Section: This is where your players will know their current level, and points balance.

  • Badges Tab: The badges tab contains all achieved/unachieved challenges you have customized for your players. It also displays the player’s progress and status with each challenge.

  • Referral Tab: Gameball helps you boost your exposure through its referral program. The player can refer your platform to their friends and receive rewards once they sign up. The more friends are referred the bigger the rewards are.

  • Notifications Tab: This is the history of all real-time notification update related to the progress of their achievement. Winning a badge, or reaching a higher level.

How Will Gameball Player Widget Be Displayed on Your Platform?

For Web Player Widget:

For Mobile Player Widget:

A. Gameball Player Profile can be added as a new tab in your app

B. Gameball Player Profile can be added as an overlay accessed by any button in the app

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