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Getting Started With Gameball

Introduction to Gameball programs, features, and how you should start using it

Integrate Gameball With Your Website or App

Follow this guide to integrate Gameball with your platform using our seamless SDKs and plugins

Understanding Your Players

Start now reviewing your players engagement and retention data.

Player Segmentation & RFM Segments

Segment your customers based on different attributes and categories.

Track Performance through Analytics

Understand your loyalty programs data, performance, and impact on your platform through Gameball Analytics.

Gameball's Rewards Campaigns

Create magic here! Discover Gameball's Rewards Campaigns, formerly known as Challenges.

Gameball's Communication Campaigns

How to message customers and create an interactive user experience using Outbound.

Streamlined Workflows Using Automation Campaigns

Create a sequence of automated workflows to cut down time and effort.

Loyalty Points: Earn

Establish a rewards program where customers can earn points for every dollar they spend on your products.

Loyalty Points: Redeem

Configure and set up points value and settings and let your players redeem these points based on your redemption rules.

Gameball Referrals
VIP Tiers

Increase your players' engagement by creating tiered loyalty program through Gameball's Levels

Instant Notifications for Players Activities

Increase players retention by sending real-time notifications through Gameball

Gameball Player Widget

Make Gameball look like your brand. Gameball easily takes the same look and feel of your platform. Configure style, colors, guest views and much more..

Gameball Admin Settings

Your Gameball account settings outline and management

Apps and Integrations

Learn about Gameball's app integrations, adding apps to your account to push Gameball data to apps or reward your players based on actions from other apps

Guides, Strategies, Glossary, and FAQs

This is a supportive guide with some important use cases and Shopify related articles

Product Releases

Keep track of every new feature released, product enhancements, and bug fixes.