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Encourage your guests to create an account on your website or login using their current account.

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For Web only, when you have a guest visitor, Gameball does not create a profile for the player until guests signup on your platform. Once your guest logs in or create an account, Gameball creates a profile for them and they start getting enrolled in Gameball rewards experience through the widget.

Below is an example of how the guest view widget looks like for your guest visitors:

You can access the guest view configurations in Gameball Admin Dashboard through Widget Settings > Content > Guests


Talk to your guests and up-sell for Gameball reward experience. You can add an intro message to the guest view like "Sign up now and discover our rewards program!" which should encourage them to create an account.

Guest Image

By default, Gameball has an image of a trophy on set right above the sign-up button, you can choose:

  • Default Image: Leave the trophy image

  • Upload Image: Choose an image that goes with your brand

  • None: Remove the image

❗️Note: Uploading an image as a guest image is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

Create Account URL

Insert the URL of the registration/signup page on your platform. When they register

Login URL

For guests who have previously signed up but only need to log in, insert the URL of the page you want your player to get redirected to in order to sign back in.

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