Why you should integrate Klaviyo with your Gameball account? How can you make the best out of Gameball Player Attributes?

Here is it, this integration will allow you to target and segment your players on how loyal they are to your app. Let's put it this way; this integration will allow you to:

  1. Segment your contact lists based on Gameball player attributes. 
  2. Send more personalized emails by including Gameball player information in email templates.

How to configure Klaviyo on Gameball?

1. Go to Apps on your Gameball Admin Dashboard

2. Click on "Add New App" and choose Klaviyo

3. Install Klaviyo from Shopify App Store

4. Create your API token by going to your account on the right > Account > Settings > API Keys

5. Copy this key from your Klayvio dashboard.

6. Paste this key to your Gameball Account and click "Next"

7. Choose the list of Klaiyvo you want to import Gameball Player Attributes to and click to add "Add" so this list of Player Attributes will be automatically added to your Klavyio account

8. Finally, go to your Klaviyo account to:

  • Check the custom properties information of a specific player through clicking on Profile > Information > Custom properties

  • Send Campaigns with Gameball attributes(properties) by clicking on "Insert Property"

  • Trigger a Flow-based on one of Gameball's custom properties:
  • Players based on Gameball properties. Example: Tier players in a specific level

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