Why you should integrate Judge.me with your Gameball account? How can you make the reviews through Gameball?

This integration will allow you to reward your players based on their placed reviews, hence, more reviews to your business, thus, more trust by your players to grow your business!

How to configure Judge.me on Gameball?

1. Go to Apps on your Gameball Admin Dashboard

2. Click on "Add New App" and choose Judge.me

3. Install Judge.me from Shopify App Store

 4. Get your API Key from your Judge.me account through Settings > Integrations 

Copy this API token

5. Paste this key to your Gameball Account and click "Next"

6. Click on "Add" to automatically add the review event in the Players' Events section on your Gameball Admin Dashboard

7. Finally, go to your Programs > Challenges and configure challenges based on "review_judge me" event. 🎉

This event will have the following metadata: Product ID, Product Title and Rating.

Learn more on how to configure your challenges

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