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As your players collect points with different purchases and actions performed on your website, you get to decide how they can later use these points. Based on your configurations, players can earn points through different Gameball programs:

  • Cashback Program

  • Referral Program

  • Challenges Program

  • Levels (tiers) Program

Points Configuration

Through Points Configuration section on your Gameball dashboard, you can configure the following:

  1. Points expiry

  2. Default redemption rule, which is a default monetary value for points

  3. Extra redemption rules like percentage discount or free shipping coupons. Note: that this is available on Shopify and WordPress only.

On your Gameball Admin dashboard, go to Programs > Points Configurations, then click Configure as shown below.

Next, make sure that points redemption is Active. This way your players can use their points during checkout.

In the case of Points Redemption not "Active", the redemption experience will be unavailable to your players. Hence:

  • The redemption tab will be hidden on Gameball player widget for both Shopify and WordPress.

  • The redemption APIs used will be blocked for platforms integrated with Gameball

Configure Points Expiry

In order to configure the points expiry, follow these steps:

  • Click on the edit icon of the points expiration section

  • Set the expiry of all points gained by players through any transaction, then click Save Changes

You can make the expiry date visible for players if you are on the Pro or Guru plans by going to widget General settings. Learn more

Configure the Default Redemption Value

It's very easy, just follow these steps:

  • Click the edit button of the default rule

  • Set the equivalent monetary value of a point in your currency

For Shopify and WordPress, the default rule will let players create fixed amount discount coupons based on the equivalent monetary value of the points.

Configure Customized Redemption Experience

Gameball also gives you an option to configure other customized redemption values like percentage discounts or free shipping. Read Extra Points Redemption Settings to learn more about these customizable configurations.

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