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Use Shopify POS and Enable Your Players to Get Rewards
Use Shopify POS and Enable Your Players to Get Rewards

Learn how you can reward your in-store visitors through Shopify POS.

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If you are running both a Shopify online store and an offline retail store using Shopify POS, you can also let your in-store customers get rewards through Gameball.

How to use Gameball Shopify POS

Once you install Gameball on your Shopify account, it will be automatically available to both your Shopify's online store and POS channels.

How to enable Gameball on Shopify POS

Using the same way to publish Gameball on your online store. Learn more bout How to publish Gameball experience & widget on your Shopify store

What programs can be used to reward your in-store customers?

Note: You must create an account for your customers using their email to get rewards from Gameball, the same as the online experience.
Below is a list of the available programs which can reward your in-store customers.


Even for your in-store customers, you can tier them across your Gameball levels based on the amount spent, points, number of completed orders, number of referrals, or score.

Ways To Earn

Your in-store customers will be treated the same as your online customers so that they will get all configured programs:

For ways to earn that depend on events, on POS, we will have only one Shopify event working, which is "Place Order." Learn more on How to use events on Shopify

You can also differentiate between ways to earn rewards through POS and Online Shopify.


You can give your in-store customers points based on the paid amount.

So, if you have already configured all the above programs, your customers will get rewards as well.

How do customers redeem their points during a purchase

You can now create two types of point redemption for POS customers:

  • POS Fixed amount coupon: Let your customers exchange their points with a fixed amount coupon. Ex. USD20 coupon.

  • POS Percentage Coupon: Let them exchange their points with a percentage discount. Ex. 20% discount coupon.

To enable any of the previous POS coupon creations, create a new redemption rule for POS. Follow the steps in this article to enable this option.

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