Grouping your players through tags will allow you to do automatic scenarios through Challenges and Messages.

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How syncing tags is happening between Gameball and Shopify?

If you are a Shopify user using Gameball, now all customer tags on Shopify will be synced with Gamebll automatically.


The process will be as following:

  • Add a tag to your customer on Shopify
  • The tag will be automatically created on Gameball (In case it is a new tag)
  • This tag will be added to the player (customer) on Gameball


The process will be as following:

  • Remove a tag from your customer on Shopify
  • This tag will be removed automatically from the player (customer) on Gameball

ℹ️ Sometimes the auto-tagging and auto-untagging takes a long time between 1-5 mins

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