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Enable Opening Gameball Widget Through Inline links Using Deep-links
Enable Opening Gameball Widget Through Inline links Using Deep-links

Allow your guests and players to access any section of your widget through any interactive element on your website, or email.

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If Gameball's traditional widget button does not match your theme, or you don't have a space for it, you no longer have to depend on Gameball's button to let your players and guests access Gameball loyalty widget. You can hide and replace the button, or add new elements that allow your customers to quickly access any section of the widget from any part of your platform.

To understand more how deep links work, check this video:

Any elements that can hold hyperlinks, such as texts, images, menu items, buttons..etc, can be used to open the widget. You can even include these hyperlinks in automated emails or SMS campaigns; for example, if a player clicks on a button that says "check your earned points now!" in an email, it will redirect them to your website and they will be able to see the section of the widget that shows their points.

What are the available deep-links Gameball is providing?

  • #gameball-home

  • #gameball-referral

  • #gameball-faq

  • #gameball-levels

  • #gameball-redemption

❗️❗️Important note: this format: "https://(home page)/#gameball-home" will not work if the button is on the menu bar. Instead, use only. (#gameball-home) when embedding any widget page to a button on the menu bar.

The following are examples of how you can use the mentioned deep links through different elements:


Takes players to the home section, and takes guests to the view home (sign-up) section of the widget.


Takes players to the referral tab, while it takes guests to the view home section.


Takes both players and guests to the "FAQ" section.


Takes players to levels progress tab, and takes guests to levels program section.


Takes players to the redemption tab, while it takes guests to the "How to redeem" section.

How to use deep links in emails and SMS campaigns?

If you want to redirect your players to your website and let Gameball widget open up once they are on the site, you will have to use a query string, write the entire URL that includes both your website link and the string of Gameball's widget section.

Website URL:

Gameball string for widget's Home section: /#gameball-home

Gameball string for widget's Referral section: /#gameball-referral

Gameball string for widget's "FAQ?" section: /#gameball-faq

Gameball string for widget's Levels section: /#gameball-levels

Gameball string for widget's Redemption section: /#gameball-redemption

For example, if you want your player to press a button on the link that takes them to the homepage of your website and opens up Gameball's referral section, the link would be as follow:

Triggering our widget using javascript function

You can also toggle the Gameball widget on your website programmatically using the javascript function GbSdk.toggle();

This function can be attached to a button onclick event as below example:

<button onclick="GbSdk.toggle();">Click me to Toggle Gameball</button>

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