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Control Gameball Widget Visibility on Your Platform
Control Gameball Widget Visibility on Your Platform

Learn about the three different stages that help you control the presence of Gameball widget on your platform.

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There are different ways to control your customer's interaction with the widget, starting from entirely eliminating the widget to only hiding the button.

Here are the three different through which you can control the Gameball widget:

Stage 1: Publish and unpublish Gameball loyalty experience

By toggling the switch at the top right of any page on Gameball Admin Dashboard, you will be able to activate or deactivate Gameball loyalty experience.

Once toggling to unpublish, your players will no longer find the Gameball widget on your platform. Any actions like purchases done by your players during the time Gameball is inactive will still reflect on Gameball; however, your players will not be rewarded for their activity.

❗️Note: When the Gameball program is switched to unpublished, any player event will still reflect on their profile on the dashboard; however, they will appear dimmed as these actions will have no consequence.

Once you switch it back on, the widget will appear again on your platform, and your players will start getting rewarded again.

What happens when you deactivate the program by switching off the toggle?

When you disable Gameball:

  • Your loyalty program will not be visible to your customers.

  • Your customers will not earn rewards.

  • Your customers will not receive any messages, notifications, or emails.

  • Your customers’ actions will be added to Gameball.

  • Your customers will be able to use coupons they had already claimed before disabling the program.

❗️❗️Important Note:

  • Gameball will still be receiving any actions when the toggle is deactivated. However, no changes will take place as a result of these player actions.

  • Publishing Gameball means that your players will be able to see the Gameball widget (if the widget is not hidden), and they will start getting rewards based on the designed loyalty experience.

Stage 2: Hiding and unhiding Gameball widget

You can completely hide Gameball's widget without deactivating the loyalty program, which means your players will still be rewarded for their interaction; however, they will not be able to track their progress or find anything related to the configured loyalty program.

To only hide the widget, go to Gameball Admin Dashboard, click Widget Settings > General: Visibilty, Under Widget, choose whether to display or hide Gameball widget by checking Show or Hide under player and guest, then click Save.

A disclaimer should guide you to understand whether the players can see the widget or not:

Stage 3: Hiding and unhiding Gameball widget button

Lastly, you can choose between hiding or displaying the Gameball Launch button on your platform. Suppose there is no space for the Gameball launch button on your platform, or none of Gameball's available buttons match your brand theme. In that case, you can simply hide it and let other inline buttons or any other interactive elements open the Gameball widget. Read more on Enabling Opening Gameball Widget by Using Deeplinks.

To only hide the button, go to Gameball Admin Dashboard, click Widget Settings > Launcher: Shape, Scroll down to Button Shapes, and choose the sixth option to hide the Gameball launch button, then click Save.

Now, the Gameball button will no longer appear on your platform, so make sure to use our Deep Links if you still want your players to access the widget from a different place on your platform.

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