You can now edit two parts of the widget:

  • First, the guest view cards are on the bottom of the signup page on the widget.

  • You can also edit the "What is this?" section found on the top of the widget.

How Can I Edit These Texts?

To edit any of the mentioned texts, follow these simple steps. On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Widget setting > Widget Guest View. Scroll down to the bottom of the card, then click "click here" next to "Do you want to edit the widget static script?"

Fill in the needed information and click Save.

❗️Note: Editing the widget static script is only available on Pro and Guru plans only.

While editing the text, you need to use the same names of variables that you have set during your previous configurations. Make sure to use the same variable names as saved in your system so that if you decided to change them later on your system, the new name automatically reflects on these texts.

For example, if you, later on, changed the name of points to be "Coins", automatically the name "points" will change to "coins" on all the texts that have the word "points" in them.

Here is a brief explanation of the variables that need to be saved:

  • Points-name: As mentioned in the example, you can choose a different name for points like coins, currency, stars..etc.

  • Currency: In case you changed the currency to a different one, for example, from USD to Euro.

  • Points-purchase-reward-factor: Amount of points a player is going to earn in certain cases.

  • Product-name: Name of a certain product you want to mention in your text.

  • Free-shipping-points: Amount of points a player is going to use in exchange for free shipping.

  • Percentage-discount: The discount percentage player is going to get when exchanged by points.

  • One-point-value: The monetary value of a certain amount of points in your currency, for example, 5000 points equals 2 (one-point-value) currency.

  • Free-product-points: Amount of points a player is going to use in exchange for free product items.

  • Percentage-points: The number of points a player is going to use to exchange with a percentage discount.

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