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Removing Levels From Widget

Learn how to completely remove Gameball levels from widget in few and simple steps.

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If the levels program does not suit you and you do not want to use levels as an element to make your players engaged, you can remove levels from your loyalty program by following the below:

Step 1: Delete configured levels

Note: Skip this step If you want only to hide the levels tab from the widget but still want to enroll your players in the levels program and let them level up.

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Programs > Levels: Configure.

Next to each configured level, click the Remove Icon.

Step 2: Hide the levels tab from the widget

Only the first level is left, and all the manually added levels are removed. Players can no longer level up; however, the levels tab still exists, showing the basic level that can not be removed. To completely hide the levels tab from the Gameball widget follow the below steps:

On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Widget Settings > General: Player Progress Visibile Cards, un-check Level, and click Save.

After refreshing your website, you will find that the levels tab has been completely removed, and your players will neither see the levels program nor level up.

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