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Rewarding Players Based on Their Level With The Cashback Program
Rewarding Players Based on Their Level With The Cashback Program

Explore how you can reward your players with fixed discounts and points based on the level they are on.

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You can configure different cashback for every level for your players, for example, if you want to reward players on the highest level with double the rewards a player on a lower level gets.

Follow these steps to apply the past case: Go to Ways to Earn > Cashback Points > Cashback Rules: Add New Rule

A pop-up will appear as shown below. In this example, we are rewarding players in level 3 with double the value a player on a different level might get. We selected level 3 and entered 2 points for every x unit currency spent on your platform.

❗️Note: You can only configure one level at a time.

Once you finish configuring a level, all players on this level will start getting rewarded with the value of points you selected once they make a purchase.

Notifying Players

Once you finish customizing level rewards, a brief description will appear within your player widget under the configured level to let them know of the reimbursed rewards.

❗️❗️Important Notes:

  • Even if Gameball payment rewards API is receiving payments for a player, the program must be enabled to reward your players with points.

  • For Shopify stores, players only get rewards when the order payment status on Shopify is "Paid".

  • Any player on any level that earns fewer points than the one configured in the campaign will start getting rewarded with the extra points during the campaign time. If however, a player on a high level normally earns more points for every dollar spent, they will keep receiving the same amount of points.

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