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Connecting and Using Gameball on Zapier
Connecting and Using Gameball on Zapier

Learn why and how to use Zapier with Gameball and explore the different Gameball use cases that you can apply on Zapier.

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Zapier is one of the most popular softwares that lets you connect two or more different apps or services to send and receive various types of information between them, and automatically execute actions based on your pre-given instructions. This helps you automate repetitive tasks saving you time and effort.

If for example, you want Gameball to reward players when they make a specific action on a different app, Zapier is the perfect tool to help with doing that.

How does Zapier works?

If you are connecting two different applications using Zapier, Zapier can execute an action on one of the two applications when a certain trigger happens on the other one. For example, You can decide that once you receive a certain type of email on Gmail (trigger application), Zapier can then send you a message on Slack notifying you of the email.

Zapier now lets you connect Gameball with thousands of other apps. You can now let Zapier execute actions on Gameball when a trigger is pulled from any other app that is on Zapier as well. Below is an example of the type of actions Zapier could execute on Gameball when a certain trigger happens in a different application.

Gameball Templates on Zapier

Integrations between other apps and Gameball have become very easy. Gameball created ready-to-use integration templates between some apps and Gameball.

By clicking on any of the templates, you will be redirected to Zapier and you will find that the configuration has been set and ready to be deployed.

Here are some of the templates you can use:


  • Give rewards to Gameball players with new Mailchimp subscriptions. Click here

  • Relay Gameball rewards for new links clicked through Mailchimp emails. Click here


  • Give rewards to players in Gameball for new Drip subscriptions. Click here


  • Reward Gameball players when new ReCharge subscriptions are created. Click here

  • Reward players in Gameball when ReCharge subscriptions are reactivated. Click here


  • Reward players through Gameball for new Paypal completed payments. Click here


  • Send rewards from Gameball to new GoToWebinar attendees. Click here

  • Give rewards to new GoToWebinar registrants with Gameball. Click here


  • Relay rewards to new Crowdcast registrants through Gameball. Click here

  • Provide Gameball rewards to new Crowdcast webinar attendees. Click here

  • Send rewards to Gameball players with new Crowdcast recording views. Click here

Facebook Shops

  • Give Gameball rewards for new orders in Facebook Shops. Click here


  • Reward new customers in Stripe through Gameball. Click here


  • Reward Gameball players for scheduling events through Calendly. Click here


  • Reward players through Gameball for new form submissions in Unbounce. Click here

Google Calendar

  • Reward Gameball players for new scheduling meetings in Google Calendar. Click here

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