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Control Challenges' Visibility And Order On Player Widget
Control Challenges' Visibility And Order On Player Widget

Learn the steps you need to show, hide, or reorder any challenge on Gameball player widget.

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The appearance and order of the active challenges on the player widget play a big role in motivating the player to take the challenge and complete it. Where you place each challenge is important as well. You do not want the challenges to seem random and disorganized. You also do not want to make every active challenge visible on the widget. Some challenges are better kept hidden or used to surprise the player with the reward when they have already unintentionally achieved it.

Why Control a Challenge's Visibility?

Before getting into the steps to hide or show a challenge, here are some reasons why you might want to show only some challenges:

  • To surprise a player when they have already unintentionally achieved the challenge. Sometimes when a player unexpectedly gets rewarded for a simple action like placing an order, they feel that the store is fun and could surprise them any minute.

  • Build a personal connection with your player. With challenges like "Anniversary", you do not want to let your customer know that this reward is coming. Surprising them would give them the message that you have been waiting for this great event.

  • To Avoid over-crowding the widget. Too many of a thing doesn't always help. If a player felt that there are just too many challenges/options they can achieve. They might get demotivated thinking that challenges are not really worth it.

  • Showing and hiding a challenge at the right time (only when needed). When players know that a challenge is only achievable within a certain period, it pushes them to immediately take an action thinking that it is a one-time opportunity.

How to Control a Challenge's Visibility?

  • On Gameball Admin Dashboard, go to Ways to Earn. Choose a one of the configured challenges by clicking on it.

  • Click Edit from the top right.

  • Next to "General Settings", click the Edit Icon.

  • Under "Challenge Visibility", choose between Always Visible, Not Visible, and Visibile If Earned

    • Always Visible: The challenge will be always visible in the player profile before and after achieving it

    • Not Visible: The challenge won’t be visible in the player profile before and after achieving it

    • Visible If Achieved: The challenge will be visible in the player profile only after achieving it

  • Click Apply.

How to Control Challenges' Order?

  • On Gameball Admin Dashboard, Go to Widget Settings > General: Challenges Tab.

  • Under "Sort By" choose between Creation Date, Name, and Manual to order your challenges

    • Creation Date: Challenges will appear from newest created to oldest.

    • Name: Challenges will be ordered alphabetically based on the name.

    • Manual: Order the challenges depending on your preference by dragging and dropping each challenge at the desired space.

  • Click Save

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