Set Your Gameball Communication Preferences

Change the frequency of your report email according to your preference.

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If you have been a Gameball user for over a week, then you have probably received at least one report email with data about your progress during the last week. If you do not need that email sent to you at all, or you prefer it was sent to you less frequently, you can do that through concise steps.

What is the Weekly Engagement Report email?

Gameball sends you that report so that you can take a quick look at the overall progress of your configured loyalty program. Here is the information that you will find in the email:

  • General Activities: Includes your players' data like the newly enrolled player, overactive players, and the number of referred players.

  • Points Activities: The total points that all players have accumulatively, and your players' total amount of point redemption.

  • Programs Activities: Include information about the players' interactions with your configured programs, such as:

    • The number of players who leveled up.

    • The number of players who completed new challenges.

    • The number of referrals.

    • The number of players who got purchased rewards.

  • Current Total Enrolled Players: The total number of every player who joined the loyalty program, including the inactive ones.

How to change my communication preference regarding the weekly report email?

From the left bar, click Account found on the button left, then Account Settings.

Go to the Communication Preferences tab.

Under Unsubscribe, choose between:

  • On

  • Off

How to change the frequency of receiving the engagement emails?

If you do not want to unsubscribe but would rather receive the report less frequently, go to Admin Setting, then General. Under Subscription Status, choose between:

  • Weekly: Set by default. The report includes your program performance during the past week only.

  • Monthly: Choose to receive the email every month. The report will include your program performance over the past month.

Click Save.

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