FAQS: Mobile and Web Integrations

What you need to know before integrating your platform with Gameball.

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  • What frameworks does Gameball support?

Gameball supports the following frameworks: Web, Andriod, iOS, and React Natives.

  • If my framework is not supported, how can I integrate with Gameball?

You can integrate Gameball with any mobile development framework that supports in-app Webviews for example flutter, ionic, etc. Visit our technical documents for further support.

  • What is the size of Gameball's different SDK?

React Natives: 47 KB
iOS: 50 KB
Android: 1.7 MB

  • Does Gameball provide user authentication?

For Gameball dashboard: User Name and Password is Gameball's current authentication method with Recaptcha running in the background.

For players: When customers sign in to your platform they automatically sign in to Gameball's loyalty program. No user authentication process is run by Gameball in this case.

  • Do you support on-prem hosting?

Please contact our marketing experts for assistance.

  • Can I allow my customer to cash out their points into their virtual wallet?

Due to legal and technical restrictions, this is not possible. Points can have monetary value that can only be redeemed and used on new purchases. Read more about points redemption.

  • Do you provide SMS integrations?

Yes, Gameball provides SMS integration. To enable the SMS feature, go to the SMS Configurations section under Admin Settings. Then Go to the Notifications section on Gameball dashboard to configure your messages.

❗️Note: this feature is available under certain packages only. Book a demo call to learn more.

  • Does Gameball have access to any of my customers' data?

Gameball can only get access to some of the customer data such as their attributes and behavior with your permission only. The authorization process takes place during the integration process.

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