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Track Your Sales and Revenue Using Gameball Analytics
Track Your Sales and Revenue Using Gameball Analytics

Keep an eye on your total sales and revenue to understand your business performance as well as Gameball's impact on it.

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Having explained how to generally understand, use, and navigate through the analytics section on Gameball to learn about the performance of Gameball as a program and its influence on your business. Learn more

The Analytics section is divided into four pages; each page displays data from a specific domain. Here are how the Analytics section is branched:

  • Sales and Revenue

  • Players Purchase Behaviour

  • Players Behaviour and Engagement

  • ROI

The Sales And Revenue page in the analytics section focuses on essential and general views, data, and numbers that describe the overall performance of your business.

Where to find the Sales And Revenue analytics page?

  • Go to Gameball Dashboard, and click Analytics from the left bar.

  • You will be on the Sales And Revenue page.

What is the Sales and Revenue analytics page about?

Sales and Revenue analytics focus on the overall performance of your business in terms of sales as well as Gameball's programs (Ways to Earn) influence on these numbers. When you visit the Sales and Revenue page, you will find many comprehensive data reflecting absolute numbers.

Here is the explanation of each piece of information on the Sales and Revenue page of the analytics:

Sales generated by Gameball

  • Total Revenue: total revenue from orders placed from both players and guests. This number disregards cashback transactions.

  • Number of Active Players: active players are the customers who at least made one of the following actions on your platform:

    • Sent an event

    • Completed a purchase

    • Redeemed points

    • Shared a badge within a selected time range

  • Total Revenue Generated by Gameball: total revenue generated by Gameball services such as referrals, cashback campaigns, challenges, reward emails, and redemption.

Revenue generated by Gameball

  • Sales redeem generated: the total value of all orders placed by players while using Gameball coupon.

  • Referrals Revenue: total value of all orders placed by referred friends. (players and guests)

  • Cashback Sales: total value of all sales done, and a cashback reward was granted as a result.

  • Referral sales trend:

  • Sales redeem generated overtime

  • Total Cashback Points - Total Value of Cashback Points: total granted cashback points vs their actual value.

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