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Track Performance through Analytics
Track Your Player Purchase Behaviour Using Gameball Analytics
Track Your Player Purchase Behaviour Using Gameball Analytics

Understand how your players is behaving on your platform when in comes to placing order and take consecutive actions.

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Having explained how to generally understand, use, and navigate through the analytics section on Gameball to learn about the performance of Gameball as a program and its influence on your business. Learn more

The Analytics section is divided into four pages; each page displays data from a specific domain. Here are how the Analytics section is branched:

  • Sales and Revenue

  • Players Purchase Behaviour

  • Players Behaviour and Engagement

  • ROI

The Player Purchase Behaviour page in the analytics section focuses on how much your customers spend on your store and further details on your players’ placed orders information.

Where to find the Player Purchase Behaviour analytics page?

  • Go to Gameball Dashboard, and click Analytics from the left bar.

  • Click on Player Purchase Behaviour page.

What is the Player Purchase Behaviour analytics page about?

Player Purchase behavior analytics gives you insights about information related to orders placed by players as well as general data of purchases such as average order value, average basket size, etc.

Here is the explanation of each piece of information on the Plauer Purchase Behaviour page of the analytics:

  • Average basket size: tells you the estimated number of items that are usually added to the basket by a customer.

  • Repeated purchase rate: tells you the percentage of customers who placed more than one order.

  • Avg Purchase Value Per Order: tells you the estimated value paid for an order.

  • Avg Customer Spend All Time: tells you the estimated total amount spent by a customer.

  • 1st-2nd-3rd Purchase (Conversion): displayed the total number of orders placed by customers for the first, second, and third time.

  • Total orders placed trend: shows you the total purchases completed over time.

  • Window shoppers overtime

  • Average Order Value Per Player: this tells you the estimated value of an order placed by a player.

  • Referred Orders Number/Value: gives you the number and value of orders made by newly referred friends.

  • Top viewed products & Top Purchased Products: shows the most viewed and most ordered products on your platform.

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