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Request Coupon Creation from Your Couponing Engine
Request Coupon Creation from Your Couponing Engine

Allow Gameball to request creation of coupon from your couponing engine through few configuration steps.

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You can reward players with points for every achievement they complete through your customized loyalty program. These Points can then be redeemed in the form of coupons to be used later on new orders. Gameball allows you to choose the type of reward coupons players can receive and enjoy. Learn more

For a coupon to be created by Gameball, there must first be a backend connection between Gameball and your couponing engine to keep track of your coupons. This way, Gameball can ping your couponing engine to get the required information for a coupon creation like start date, expiry date, code, etc., and the created coupon can sync with real-time orders and be put into action.

If your platform is built using a third-party plugin such as Shopify, WordPress, etc, then by initially integrating Gameball with your Shopify store, the couponing sync takes place automatically due to the existence of an already built-in couponing system. These internal coupon engines automatically manage your coupon creations without any effort from your side.

If, however, your website is built in-house, and you want to build your own coupon system, then you will need to follow a few coupon configuration steps before you start rewarding players with various types of coupons.

How to allow Gameball to create coupons?

  • On your Gameball Admin dashboard, on the left bar, choose Settings > Settings

  • Scroll down to Coupon Configurations under Integration

  • Fill in the following details:

  1. Request Parameters

  2. Request Headers

  3. Query Parameters

  • Then Select the types of coupons that your gateway support.

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