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Creating Multiple Workspaces for Different Program Configurations
Creating Multiple Workspaces for Different Program Configurations

Create a different workspace for every brand, branch, or platform in different country.

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❗️❗️Important Disclaimer: this feature is only available upon request. Please get in touch with our customer support team.

Understanding how you would want to deploy entirely different loyalty and marketing programs for each platform, branch, or area your brand is at, we have created Workspaces feature.

Workspaces allow you to create an entirely different program with different configurations and program calculations so that it suits customers that could be from different countries or accustomed to different loyalty systems by certain branches.

For example, if your brand is deployed in different countries, such as the US and Japan, you can create entirely different loyalty programs for each of the countries. This way, customers from USA and Japan will each enjoy different rewards and communications.

When you create a new workspace under your account, you will be given access to an entirely new and clean dashboard that is awaiting your configurations and activation.

After contacting Gameball's support team and having this feature activated, you will be able to create a new workspace by following these steps:

❗️❗️Important Note: if your account has any user role other than Owner, you can not create a new workspace. Please refer back to the account owner to create a new workspace. Learn more

  • Go to Gameball Dashboard, Click Settings > Workspaces > Create Workspace

  • Choose your new workspace name for your new workspace, and Choose your Channel. Choose between:

    • Web

    • Android

    • IOS

    • React Native

    • Retail

  • Click Create.

You will be taken to a new dashboard with no data in it so you can start creating your programs from scratch.

  • To navigate between workspaces, Click Settings > Workspaces > Create Workspace, then choose the name of the workspace you want to access.

❗️❗️Important Note: if your account has any user role other than Owner, then you will only see workspaces that you are given access to by the Owner. Other workspaces will be hidden. Please refer back to the owner to request access to other workspaces. Learn more

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