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Web Messages Communication Campaigns Templates

Keep your customers engaged with Gameball's Ready-Made Communication Campaign Templates

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Effective communication with your audience is essential for driving engagement and achieving your business goals. With Gameball's Web Messages Communication Campaign Templates, you can effortlessly create targeted messages to boost customer interaction and drive desired actions. Learn more about creating and configuring web message campaigns.

In this guide, we'll introduce two pre-designed templates tailored to enhance point redemption and increase referral link shares.

1. Increase Points Redemption:

  • Trigger: On Page visit - URL contains "/cart"(Update your URL and add the cart URL)

  • Audience: Specific Player

    • Customer Attribute: Points > 100

2. Increase Referral Link Shares:

  • Trigger: Action-based

    • Event: "Place an order"

  • Audience: Registered Customers

How to Use the Templates:

  1. Log in to your Gameball Dashboard and navigate to the Campaigns section

  2. Choose Communication Campaigns

  3. Choose the desired template from the list

  4. Check the preview, and make any necessary adjustments

  5. Once satisfied, set the campaign live

Benefits of Using Web Message Templates:

  • Personalization: Tailor messages to specific audience segments based on their behavior or attributes.

  • Automation: Set triggers and targeting criteria to automate message delivery and maximize efficiency.

  • Engagement: Capture users' attention with timely and relevant messages, encouraging interaction and action.

  • Conversion: Drive desired actions such as points redemption or referral link shares to increase customer loyalty and sales.

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